Warwick Massage Therapists Demonstrate Massage on Whiplash Injury

Lacey, Olympia Washington massage therapists Valerie and Amber demonstrate in the video below how a whiplash injury can be treated by massage. While chiropractic care also offers great results in managing whiplash associated pain, massage is an excellent alternative or even to be used alongside chiro care.

Whiplash is normally associated with motor vehicle accidents where the impact of a crash causes the head to quickly move forwards and then back again in a whip like motion. Typically the pain extends throughout the neck and can even cause headaches, tinnitus, and other back related pain. Of course, whiplash isn’t just associated with accidents, it can be caused by other types of activity, sports being one of the most common.

In this demonstration, Valerie uses Amber at Warwick Chiropractic in Lacey, Olympia, as her “model” and shows some great massage techniques in dealing with the effects of whiplash.

If you have whiplash, give Warwick Massage a call on (360) 951-4504 and see how it can help you too.