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Welcome to Warwick Massage Lacey, Olympia.

Introducing our new therapeutic massage services here at Warwick Massage Lacey, Olympia.

Our massage therapists are here to help you relax and leave your pains utilizing a variety of massage techniques including deep massage, Swedish massage, and myofascial release.

So if you’re feeling stressed, need to relax, why not book yourself in for a massage now.

Call us now, 360-951-4504 immediately to schedule some relaxing down time, just for you.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage deals with the treatment of specific tendons, muscles, knots (or trigger points). A focused pressure is applied to these afflicted areas which are stretched and released. This technique can be blended seamlessly with Swedish massage.

Deep tissue massage at Warwick Massage Lacey
Swedish massage at Warwick Massage Lacey

Swedish Massage

This is perhaps the most well known or common massage technique, and surprisingly doesn’t actually come from Sweden. It is a very relaxed form of massage and different pressures can be applied to it and it is perfect for relaxation or even helping injuries.

Myofascial Release

These technique focuses on key joint areas to help relieve pain that has scar tissue and adhesions formed. The tissues are stretched, rolled, and released with the aim of full restoration. This treatment helps people with lower back pain, wrist pain, and has even helped people suffering from plantar fascitis.

Trigger point massage at Warwick Massage Lacey
Neck massage at Warwick Massage Lacey

Combined Therapies

Why not ask for a combination of the above and more massage techniques? We are happy to help you feel more relaxed and pain free. Our aim is to have you leave the building relaxed and at peace.

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