Our Lacey cupping massage, also known as cupping therapy or acupressure cupping, is an alternative therapy based in Ancient Chinese medicine. It is characterized by the placing of cups on the skin to create suction that lifts the tissues of a client’s body. Cups can be made from a number of materials including glass, hard plastic, and silicone. Though cups were originally created from hollowed animal horns or bamboo, these materials are rarely used in modern times.

The suction is created either with a pump gun (in the case of hard plastic), fire (glass cups), or manual squeezing of silicone cups. This suction creates negative pressure within the dome of the cup and lifts the tissues to fill the space. When the tissues are drawn into the cup, blood flow to that area increases, adhesions and trigger points can be released, scar tissue softens, inflammation decreases, stagnation is moved, and the body’s drainage system can be opened/activated.

Effects of cupping can vary from person to person. Most often, clients report increased warmth in the cupped area both during and after treatment, reduction of tension and pain, a change in the feel of skin (raised area, bumpiness), and/or a mark referred to as a “cup kiss.” A cup kiss may look like a bruise, but it is not one. It is more akin to a ‘hickey’ as it is created by a pull rather than a push. The skin discoloration is indicative of old, stagnant fluids being pulled up to the capillaries where they can be moved into the veins and flushed out through the circulatory system. These are all normal reactions and should dissipate anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks after application depending on the duration and intensity of the treatment. If you are ever concerned with the effects of a cupping therapy session, address them to your massage therapist or other healthcare provider.

Cupping is useful not only in relaxation massage, but also in treatment of injuries both chronic and acute. It can be a very useful tool for a massage/bodywork therapist.

If you have any questions on our Lacey cupping massage or would like to schedule an appointment, please feel free to contact us at Warwick Chiropractic & Massage in Lacey, WA. We look forward to seeing you on our tables and helping you achieve your recovery/wellness goals!