We are delighted to have been added onto the the Top 75 Massage YouTube channels for massage therapists. At current time of writing, we are ranked number 24 in terms of number of subscribers for our channel.

The list is worldwide and features massage YouTube channels from all over the world including Australia, Slovakia, Switzerland, China, Greece, the UK, India, and of course many from the US as well.

While we are delighted to be featured here, we couldn’t do it without our subscribers which is now in excess of 10,000.

The list is compiled based on subscribers, video views video uploads, consistency of videos, YouTube search ranking, along with subjective review from the list owner.

The list is compiled on Feedspot and can be found by clicking here.

Of course, you can go directly to our own YouTube channel and view any of the many massage and chiropractic videos we have prepared for you, by clicking here. We have many different types of videos categorized by what they are. We have massage videos (of course), chiropractic adjustment videos, exercise videos (for stretching your back, neck and extremities), and also a series of explainer videos where we discuss various subjects on the body, both from a chiropractic point of view, and massage.

So once again, we are very proud of our status as one of the Top 75 Massage YouTube Channels in the world, and to be in at number 24 is particularly pleasing. And we couldn’t have done it without you, our dedicated followers. So thank you too.