Stroke Survivors in Lacey Olympia

A stroke, also less commonly known as a brain attack or cerebrovascular accident (CVA), is damage to brain cells due to lack of oxygen. The side effects of a stroke range greatly in severity and permanence. Everyone has a different experience and levels of recovery. There are many people in Lacey Olympia who have survived a stroke, and this is for them.

Stroke tends to affect people of all backgrounds. However there are many risk factors that lead to increased occurrence of a stroke, such as; high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, drug use, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, diabetes, depression, and overall stress. Those are factors that you have some control over, but there are some that we do not, such as; age, those over 65 are most at risk, family history of strokes, and having had a previous stroke.

Massage can be highly beneficial to those who have had a stroke. The sessions should be approached with caution and as part of a rehabilitative health care team. Awareness of the, often, compromised circulatory system is important. Caution or avoidance of the neck area after the episode is also recommended until a certain level of recovery has been reached. Relieving stress, tension, activating nerve centers, and helping with fatigue are just a few of the ways that massage can ease strokes residual effects. The activation and movement of muscles that are experiencing some level of paralysis or nerve issues can help the brain reconnect pathways. This may help to improve use and functions of the muscles and limbs.

The best way to try and avoid a stroke is to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Seek medical attention if you fear you are at risk. After a stroke staying as active as possible and eating well is still important. Having a well trusted health care team can help tremendously with recovering as much as possible. Severity and residual effects vary widely; aiming for the best possible recovery is the goal. At home stretches and strengthening exercise are sometimes recommended. As always consult with your medical professional for your optimal routine.

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