We’ve recently launched something we call Self Help Saturdays. Each Saturday, we send out a post and an email and give our patients and subscribers a few tips on how to improve their lifestyle and life in general. We made our first post last Saturday, but this post is going to be all about us.

You see, we were treated by Dr David and his wife to our own Self Help Saturday (although this happened on a Friday, but what’s a day between friends?)

Every summer, Dr W treats the staff to a fun event. Last year, we went kayaking, and this year, the team wanted a more relaxing day. Self Care Saturday turned in to Self care Friday with a trip to Antidote Spa & Salon. Manis, pedis, massages, and facials were our amazing treats!

Jennifer, the spa owner, provided a day of pampering for us all. From the baskets with heavenly robes and flavored water, to the beautifully decorated spa, to the very happy spa employees taking great care of us.

We highly recommend the spa and if you want to check it out visit Antidote Spa & Salon.