Did you know our massage therapists are trained in helping you with chronic pain, such as arthritis? They are also trained in specific areas of the body, like your knees, for example. Massage therapy at Lacey can really help your well being in these conditions.

Managing pain for chronic conditions like arthritis is an area in which massage therapy has shown promise. Strong connections have been made between massage therapy and pain relief but what about other symptoms that are more difficult to track, such as quality of life and stress reductions?

A study was done in 2017 for massage therapy for osteoarthritis for the knee. Researchers hypothesized that the participants who received Swedish massage during the randomized controlled clinical trial for osteoarthritis-specific effects would also realize benefits related to quality of life, including stress reduction.

The researchers found three themes that resonated in their analysis. Participants discussed

  1. Relaxation effects
  2. Improved quality of life associated with receiving massage therapy
  3. The accessibility of massage therapy in treating osteoarthritis

Responses suggested that participants felt empowered by their improved ability to perform activates of daily living after experiencing massage, and most of the statements were consistent with their quantitative changes on standard osteoarthritis measures.

So book your massage today at 360-951-4504 with any of our massage therapists, who are all qualified to help you with chronic pain in all areas of your body! Our massage therapy at Lacey service will help make you feel relaxed and pain free again. Check out the other types of massage we offer here.