Massage, Not Just for Relaxation

Yes, massage can be very relaxing. It can also help ease many aches and pains while you are relaxing. Even injury treatment focused massages can have a greatly relaxing effect. Not only is the possible reduction in pain something that can help put your mind at ease, the atmosphere and soothing touch reduce blood pressure and the decrease the release of stress chemicals in the body.

It is quite common, even with deep work, for clients to doze (nearly doze, or plain just fall asleep) during a session. It is not considered rude to sleep during a session. Most therapists take it as a compliment that you, the client, are comfortable enough to relax so much. That level of relaxation and reduction of stress chemicals in the body permits the body to more effectively heal.

Sleep is an important factor in the healing process and massage often aids in the ability to get good sleep.  Getting enough comfortable and restful sleep can speed up the timeline of a recovering injury (along with many other factors not discussed here).

So while massage is relaxing it can certainly be achieving more than one thing a time.

If you are in need of relaxation, massage is for you. If you are in need of pain relief, massage is for you. Massage is a very good thing to experience often, and having a therapist who you can be comfortable with is also important. The more sessions you have with a therapist, the more they will understand your body and what you like, and the more beneficial it is for you.

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